Yes! If you would like to limit access for a traveler to view an itinerary or proposal that you shared with them, you can control this in your account. Below are the steps on how to do this:

1. Go To Trip Builder and Click on Settings

First, go in to edit your itinerary or proposal and then click "Settings" at the top.

2. Choose Visible or Hidden

Once you are in the Settings, you can choose "Visible" or "Hidden" at the top of the Settings window. If you choose to keep it "Visible", this means that travelers can view the itinerary, if it is "Hidden", the itinerary/proposal will be blurred out so that they cannot read trip details.

You can also tell if a trip is Visible or Hidden by the eye symbol next to the trip name on the Trips page. An eye will tell you that a trip is visible and an eye with a slash through it will tell you that the trip is hidden.

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