When adding a place to a new event on your itinerary, you can quickly add a place with rich information by searching through Travefy's database.

Travefy combines data from a wide variety of sources to provide as much rich information as we can. From them, we get information for addresses, contact information, and place information.

To find places from Travefy's database, simply create a New Event and at the bottom of the Event box, you will see a box for Place(s) "Drag a saved Place here or type the name of the place..."

Begin typing the name of the place you would like to find and Travefy will try to locate it from the database for you.

On the example below, the user is searching for the USS Midway Museum in San Diego...

Do you wish to change the information provided?

Once you add a Place to your itinerary, you have the ability to edit the rich information by scrolling your mouse over the Place and clicking "View". The Place information will appear and by pressing the pencil icon you can begin to edit the information by changing the title, replacing or removing the photo, adding a description, and pressing "Remove Info" at the bottom to remove the rich details given from the Travefy database. When you press Remove Info, the title, photo, address, and link to the Place will remain.

Can't find the Place you are searching for? 

If you can not find the Place you are looking for in the Travefy database, you can manually add it by pressing "Create a Custom Idea or Place".

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