(ClientBase Windows integration is currently in beta. Please email us at professional@travefy.com when you use it to let us know how it works for you.)

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When setting up your ClientBase Windows account to integrate with Travefy Professional you will first want to follow the steps below:

1. Add a Live Connect Provider

In your ClientBase Windows account, click Utilities on the top toolbar, then choose Live Connect Providers from the drop down menu

Choose Live Connect Providers.

Click Add.

2. Add Travefy's information

Enter the following information as shown below:
Provider Name: Travefy
URL: https://travefy.com/api/itinerary/ClientBaseWebhook
Travel Category: Miscellaneous
Import XML: HTML Source

4. Press OK

5. Save your Live Connect login details for Travefy

Setup for Live Connect agent logins can be done individually. When Live Connect is launched, the system first looks to see if there is login information at the User Login level, and if not, then asks the user to login at the provider website. Users can set up their own logins by going to Utilities -> My Login ->Live Connect and clicking Add.

  • Live Connect Provider: Select Travefy from the drop-down list.

  • User Name/Password: Enter your login email address and password that you have registered with Travefy.

  • Account Number: Not needed.

  • Agency Code: Not needed.

As always, if you have any questions, contact us at professional@travefy.com.

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