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6 Ways to Save Time with Your Library
6 Ways to Save Time with Your Library

Tips to save time building itineraries and quotes with the help of the Library feature.

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Here are 6 ways that you can use your Library to quickly build itineraries and quotes:

1. Cruise Ship Details, Activities, and Excursions 

You can create saved Events and Places about details on a Cruise Ship and different Activities and Excursions. Start in your Library and press New Library Item, choose "Activity" or the type of Place/Event you would like to add and fill out rich information like the image, URL link, address, description, etc. Here is an example of an Ancient Rome Half-Day Walking Tour Event that a user created:

2. Common Upsells or Book-ables

You can quickly add upsells and book-ables to a client's itinerary by having them already available in your Libraries.

3. Destination info or Port of Call Info

If you like to include destination information to your client's itinerary, this is a great way to add that without copy and pasting it into a new itinerary every time.

4. Room Types

This is great when presenting a proposal or quote to show the client their options for hotel rooms, cabins, and/or upgrades. You can add a photo of the room and a URL to more photos or additional information about the room or cabin.

Pro Tip: Create an entire Event with each Place (or in this case, room) option available so your client can click through each image and get more information.

5. Invoice Payment Links

Adding a link for a client to make a payment or deposit is a great way to direct the client to your site or to a payment provider you use. Just include the URL and your clients can click directly to the website on their itinerary.

6. Commonly Used Things – Ex: Ground Transfer or Airport Pickup

For the Events that you commonly use like transportation, consider creating quick and easy content in your libraries.

The best part of saving content to your Libraries... 

Every Place or Event that you create in your Libraries will make a "Master" item so that you can quickly drag and drop any item into your itinerary. Once you add it, you can edit the information without editing the Master item. That way, you can customize the Place or Event to fit your client's itinerary without changing the original!

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