If you would like someone else from your Travefy team to edit and collaborate on a trip with you, follow the steps below! 

How to share an itinerary with a team member:

1. First, you will need to be the Owner of the itinerary to invite collaborators. 

While in the trip builder, press the "Send" button on the top right-hand corner and then choose the option "Manage Collaborators".

2. Next, you can invite a Team Member to collaborate by typing in their name and the drop-down menu will appear below with the search result. Once you choose the Team Member, press "Send Email". They will then receive an email notifying them that they have been invited to join as a collaborator on that trip.

Once you have added a Team Member, as the Admin, you can determine what their role is; Organizer or Team Member. You then have the ability to designate what roles can edit trips. 

If you would like to remove someone from being a collaborator, you can do so by pressing Remove next to their name under "Manage Existing Collaborators".

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