When you are creating an itinerary or quote and add a new Place or Event that is not already in your Library, you can add it your library from your itinerary. Here's how:

When you choose a place either from the Travefy database or by creating your own custom item, you can choose to save it to your Library. To save it, first scroll over the Place and press the "View" button. 

Next, on the right-hand side you will see the Place's information appear and you can press the "Save to Library" button on the Place information like so:

Once it has been saved the button will appear to say "Saved!" so that you know it is now part of the Library. 

Saving Events:
When saving entire events from an itinerary or quote, you can simply go into the edit mode of the event by scrolling over the event and pressing the pencil icon on the top right-hand corner. 

Next, scroll to the bottom of the event and press the "Save to Library" button. 

The button will appear as "Saved!" to let you know that it has been saved to the Library. 

Please note: If you need to make any edits to information in your Library, you must go directly into the Library from your main dashboard to make these changes. They will not save from editing on an itinerary. 

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