If you would like to update your credit card information in your Travefy account, you can update it by clicking on your name at the top of your dashboard when you first login, the choose Account tab

Once in your Account page, you will want to choose the Plan & Billing tab.

You will then want to scroll down to the Payment Method section of the page.

Once there you will be able to see a virtual card.

To add or update your payment method you will want to select the Change button in the bottom right corner of the virtual card.

Once this has been selected it will open up a window in which you will be able to enter in your payment method information.

You will then be prompted to add the payment information for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.

Once you have completed entering in the information press Save Credit Card.

Questions? Chat us in the live chat within your account or send us an email at Professional@Travefy.com.

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