If you are the Admin of the Team on your  account, you have the ability to add or remove members from your team.

To add or remove a member of your team follow these steps:

1. First, you go into your Account and then press Teams on the left-hand sidebar.

2. Next, press Add or Remove Team Members.

3. Next, you can choose to add a new team member by simply pressing + Add Team Member(s). When doing so, you will enter their name and email then press +Add and when finished choose Confirm Changes to invite the new member to join the team*.

They will receive an email invite asking them to join the team. Once they accept the invite they can finish setting up their account on Travefy. 

Removing a Team Member:

If you would like to remove a member of the team, press Add or Remove Team Members, then press Remove next to their name and Confirm Changes when finished.

Note: When leaving or being removed from a team, all Library items and Itineraries will stay with the team.

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