Travefy now allows you to create customized labels (tags) to add to Library items for easy organization. You can create labels for anything you want like "tour," "france," "history," etc.

Additionally, you can add multiple labels per item to help stay further organized and narrow your searches quicker.

What's New

The Library has now been simplified to a single page to find all of your Library information in one place instead of separate sections for Events and Content. You can also filter your Library by Category.

Filter by Label

In the Library you can create, edit, and reorder custom Labels that you create to assign and group Library items. You an also view any items that are "unlabeled" to ensure you don't miss any items while keeping your Library organized.

Add Labels to Library items

While you edit Library items, you now have the option to add existing Labels or create new Labels to assign to that specific Library item.
You are able to include up to 50 characters in a label including spaces.

Searching Your Library

You'll also notice that we've merged your Library view from within the itinerary builder. This allows you to search Library Events and Places/Content at the same time. 

It also allows you to search by labels you've added to items in your Library. You can also search for multiple labels at the same time to narrow your search.

As you search your Library from the itinerary builder interface, you will notice a handle area on the left side of Library items in the auto-suggested list. This handle area allows you to drag Library items directly from the auto-suggested list to the itinerary builder to add items even faster.

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