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Does my White-Label include Travefy seats?
Does my White-Label include Travefy seats?

White Label enhancements to the Travefy Platform are sold separately from seats

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Travefy Professional Seats

Travefy is a monthly or annual subscription service and is sold by the seat. Each seat is the primary user who logs into the Travefy platform to craft client quotes or itineraries and sets the branding. Additionally, all itineraries feature that seat or user's name, photo, company, logo and more.

Each seat comes with unlimited itineraries you can create and unlimited clients you can share them with. For our general per seat pricing please see here.

White Labels

Travefy customers can also pay to white-label (or custom brand) the Travefy web and mobile platforms. This includes features like domain masking, customized logos / colors, custom branded mobiles apps an more. More information on these White Labels and general pricing can be found here

White Labels options are sold separately from seats. For example, even if you buy a White Label web platform, you must still buy at least 1 Travefy seat to use your White Label. Additionally, a purchased White Label applies to every seat / builder within your organization. As an example if you were to purchase a web White Label, you would pay the same price whether you are using with 1 seat or 200 seats.

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