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With Travefy, your clients have the option to download the Trip Plans app and view their itinerary on the go. There is also a built-in messaging feature within the app so that you and your client(s) can remain in touch before, during, and after the trip. 

Here's how to use it:

  1. First, you will want to make sure that your client has access to their itinerary on the Trip Plans mobile app. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

  2. Your clients will then be able to message you and you can receive and reply two different ways:

On the Travefy Pro mobile app:
You can download the Travefy Pro app that allows you to view all of your client's itineraries on-the-go and even respond to messages from the app. You can download the Travefy Pro app for iOS or Android. Press the button below to view/download: 

Once you download the Travefy Pro app, be sure to select "Yes" when the pop-up asks if you would like to receive push notifications. This is how you will be notified right away on your mobile device is a client messages you. 

When replying, you can simply go into the Travefy Pro app, find your client's itinerary and then press the conversation bubble on the top right-hand corner and message in there. 

Replying in your account online:
You can also choose to view the discussion and reply within the itinerary in your account at Travefy.com. To access, simply log into your Travefy account online and go into the itinerary. Once in the itinerary builder, press "Discussion" which can be found next to the Library on the right-hand side. 

Please note: If you wish to turn off the messaging feature, here's how.

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