DISCLAIMER : Please be advised, that due to current events in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, that transportation updates, delays and cancellations  are being made in high volumes.  At this time we would strongly recommend that our users and their travelers please check their mode of transportation's status through their supplier to confirm accuracy.

If you would like all flights to automatically update, here's how you can turn the feature on:

1. Log into your Travefy account and press Account at the top

2. Next, click Settings on the left-hand side and you can check the box next to "Auto-Update Flight". 

This will automatically update flight times and gate changes to any flights that you have added whether using our email import technology or quick-add flights

Please note: If you want to turn off auto-updates for flights, you will need to go into your Settings first and uncheck the box, add the flights and then go back to settings and check the box again if you wish to begin adding auto-update flights again. 

If you would like to turn off a flight update for a flight you have already added, you can edit the flight and turn it off like this: 

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