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Why does my Library show lots of "No Name" items?
Why does my Library show lots of "No Name" items?

How to clean out blank or unneeded Library items with the default "No Name" title

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In your itinerary, the Library on the right will display your library items in alphabetical order. Because of this, many old Library items that may have been created by accident or that team members created accidentally may display at the top of your list of Library items, as shown below.

How To Fix This

1. Go to your Library

2. Sort by Title

Change the display order of your Library items is in alphabetical order by clicking Sort on the right-hand side. Once you've clicked there, click on Name until the darker arrow is on top!

3. Delete/Amend the Item

Choose the trash can icon or the "Delete Event" option to remove it from your Library.

You can also build it into something usable if you'd like!

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