Travefy allows you to add a Domain Masking option to your Travefy account. Domain Masking allows you to make itineraries appear on your custom domain. Here are some examples:

Standard Travefy Itinerary:

  • This is an itinerary without the Domain Masking feature set up.

Travefy Itinerary With Full Domain Masking:

  • This is an itinerary with Full Domain Masking feature set up.

  • Full Domain Masking (Also known as Root Domain) is where you are using your Travefy Website as you main and only website.

Travefy Itinerary with Sub-Domain Masking:

  • This is an itinerary with the Sub-Domain Masking feature set up.

  • Sub-Domain Masking is when you have your own website on another website builder and you would be using the subdomain only for itineraries created in Travefy.

Travefy's Domain Masking option allows you to make all itineraries you create to appear on your own domain for a more professional presentation. 

To learn more about how you to set up Domain Masking for your Travefy account click on this FAQ !

If you have questions at any point while trying to set up your Domain Masking feature or feel that you may need assistance please reach out via chat, email or schedule a training with us!

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