To learn how to embed an Itinerary to your website, follow along with these steps:

How To Find The Embed Code For An Itinerary:

1. You will want to click on the trip in your Trip Library that you would like to embed on your website.

2. Once in the trip, you will want to click on "...More" and choose the "Embed" option:

3. Here you will find the code to copy and paste:

4. Add first section of code before the </body> on any page that you would like to include an itinerary on:

Please Note: If you are using Wix or Wordpress you can usually put this in your header to enable embeddable itineraries on any page in your website. specific instructions are available here.

5. Second section of code is unique for each individual itinerary:

This is the code that you will copy an paste onto your website where you would like to embed the itinerary. You will want to either use our pre-formatted code for your specific trips or follow our instructions to build your own:

Build Your Own Itinerary Code (Expert)

When adding <div data-travefy-itinerary-id="{{put the id here}}" class="travefy-itinerary"></div> you will want to locate the itinerary id and add it where it says {{put the id here}} . Completely replace {{put the id here}} including the curly brackets with the itinerary id.

When in the itinerary builder press "Send to Clients" and then press "Preview". Once you are viewing the URL shareable itinerary you can copy part of the following text in bold in the URL:
Complete url:
Extracted id: gavc6uqxngpmburxjgfr2kuxhdre2

> Click here to see how to embed on WordPress

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