Step 1:

Within your Vacation CRM account, click on “Settings > Manage Users”

Step 2:

Click Edit next to the user you would like to connect to Travefy

Step 3:

On the user’s settings page, click on “Supplier Info” tab

Step 4:

At the bottom of the page in the “Travefy Email” field add the email address you have listed as your login email in Travefy. (Click here to find your login email in Travefy)

Step 5:

Click “Authorize Vacation CRM” to give VacationCRM permission to approve the connection between your VacationCRM and Travefy. You may be required to sign into Travefy next.

Step 6:

You will be sent to your Travefy account to approve the connection, if you are not signed in you will be required to sign in. 

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