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How to access your itinerary on the Trip Plans mobile app. (For Clients/Travelers)
How to access your itinerary on the Trip Plans mobile app. (For Clients/Travelers)

Learn how to access your itinerary sent to you by your travel advisor.

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This article explains how to download the Trip Plans App and sync an itinerary to the app. There are two possible ways or paths to sync the itinerary to the app. Please follow the steps below to learn how you can quickly download the mobile app and sync your trip to it! 

Step 1: Open the email sent to you by your travel advisor.

Open the email your travel advisor sent you with your itinerary. If your travel advisor has not sent the itinerary to you via email, please contact your travel advisor first.

Below is a sample image of what the email address looks like:

Step 2: Access The Itinerary on the Web Or Mobile App

To view the itinerary on the web: Tap on the "View Online" button . This will take you to your web browser on your device to access the itienrary. The web itinerary also allows you to download a PDF export of your itinerary for printing, or download the Trip Plans app (see next step).

Step 3: Downloading The Trip Plans Mobile App

To load the itinerary in the Trip Plans mobile app, while on your mobile device open the itinerary from your agent and tap the "View In App" button. This button is a magic link that will take you to the Apple App Store or Google Play store (depending on your device) to download the app.

You will then be prompted to download the Trip Plans app. This is a free mobile app for you to download and use. You are not required to create an account on the Trip Plans app.

Step 4: Viewing Your Itinerary In The Trip Plans Mobile App:

Once downloaded, the Trip Plans mobile app will use the original magic link from the email to automatically open the itinerary your travel agent sent you.

Step 5: Add The Itinerary To The Trip Plans App:

The easiest way to do this is to tap the blue banner that appears when you first load the trip. You can also tap "Trips" at the top left of your screen and add the trip to your app on the next page.

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Issues? Having trouble?

If you are having trouble accessing the itinerary on the mobile app, most problems are solved with the following steps:

  1. Download The App: Be sure you have the Trip Plans app downloaded to your mobile device.
    • Download Here For Apple Devices

  2. Open The Itinerary And Tap On "App": Go back to the email your travel advisor sent you, or open the itinerary on your web browser. Then tap on the "View In App" or "App" button. This will open the itinerary in the mobile app for you.

Still need help? Contact your travel advisor for further assistance.

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