Once you have finished a travel itinerary and you're ready to share it with customers, you can share and send your customized itinerary in multiple ways by following these steps:

First, click the trip you want to send from the trips/homepage. Then click "edit" found on the right side of your screen.

Your Itinerary _ Trips _ Travefy - Google Chrome 2022-01-14 at 4.08.49 PM

Once you are inside the trip builder, click on Send at the top right of the navigation bar:

Click Get Trip Link or Email Invite Clients:

If you click Get Trip Link we will automatically copy the link so you can paste it where you need it. You can share the link with your customers and if you make any updates to the itinerary, it will also update the link.

If you click Email Invite Clients you can send an email to your client with the link to the online itinerary included. From there they can open the itinerary online and if you have given them access, they can download the PDF and/or get the App directly from the itinerary. 

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