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CSV File Template For Events


CSV File Specifications 

Column Headers: Field Type

  1. Name: String
  2. Description: String
  3. DurationInMinutes: String
  4. CurrencyCode: String
  5. PriceInCents: String
  6. StartTimeInMinutes: 
  7. StartTimeZoneId: (View Supported Timezones)
  8. IsTransportationArrival: True / False (Arrival=True, Departure=False)
  9. IsActive: True / False
  10. ImagesString: Strings separated by "|" ... (e.g. imageURL|imageURL|imageURL|...)
  11. BookingIdentifier: (Not displayed in interface)
  12. BookingProviderName: Maps to "Booked Through" field in interface
  13. BookingSegmentType: Possible values: FlightCarRental, Automobile, Train, Cruise, Bus, Walk, Hotel, VacationRental, Camp, Event, FoodDrink, Info, CityGuide,
  14. SegmentIdentifier: Maps to "Confirmation Number" field in interface
  15. SegmentProviderName:  Maps to "Airline, Carrier, Provider, Hotel" fields in interface
  16. StartGate: 
  17. StartTerminal: 
  18. TransportationIdentifier: Maps to "Flight Number, Train Number" in interface
  19. VehicleType: 

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