Once you have sent your client access to the web itinerary following these steps, your client can choose to open the web itinerary on a desktop computer. These are the steps they will follow to download the Trip Plans app to view their itinerary onto their mobile device.

1. Click "View in App" Button

While viewing the web itinerary your client can click "View in App" at the top. If they don't see this option, you might have the app option turned off. Here's how to turn that option on.

Since your client will need to view the web itinerary on their mobile device, they can opt to send themselves a magic link directly to their email address from this window.

2. Access Magic Link in Email Inbox
Once they have sent the magic link to their email address, your client will need to open the email on their mobile device and from that email they can follow the instructions to download the Trip Plans app from the app store. The itinerary will automatically upload within the Trip Plans app once it has finished downloading.

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