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Mobile App Best Practice Tips For You and Your Clients
Mobile App Best Practice Tips For You and Your Clients

Tips and tricks to getting the most out of the Trip Plans and Travefy Pro mobile apps!

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1. Don't Download the Trip Plans App First

Your client does not need to download the app first. Instead, you will just need to send the web itinerary via email or link and they can press the "View in App" button which takes them directly to the app store when viewing the itinerary on their mobile device.

2. Make Sure You Have the Right App

You and your client will use different mobile apps. Your client will be downloading the mobile app called "Trip Plans," but you will download the "Travefy Pro" app. 

The Travefy Pro app is for you and your team to manage your clients' trips.
Download for iOS or Android

The Trip Plans app is specifically for your clients to use to view their itinerary and chat with you.
Download for iOS or Android.

Note: Do not download the "Our Itinerary Viewer App" by Travefy. That is an older version of an app that will be decommissioned soon.

3. Always Make Sure That Apps Are Up to Date

If you are experiencing issues with your app, make sure that you are updated to the latest version of the Travefy Pro or Trip Plans app. To view the latest version, go to your app store and view any updates you might have available.

4. Know When Your Clients Need to Create an Account

Most of the time clients will not need to create an account when first downloading the Trip Plans app. However, there are a few reasons why they might need to create an account: 

1. If You Tagged Clients on a Private Trip

If you have set up tagging on the itinerary and this trip is set to "Private", your client will need to create an account to view their personalized itinerary. Your client will need to create their free account with the same email address you used to invite them. Click here to see how tagging works and how to set up event visibility.

2. When Clients Use the Chat Feature

If you have the chat function turned on for your client, they will need to create an account before they can chat so that you know who is chatting with you.

3. To View Other Itineraries

If you have sent multiple itineraries to your client, they can always view other itineraries by tapping on the "Trips" button on the top left-hand corner of the itinerary.


5. Invite Code is Not Needed

Your client might notice the option to enter an invite code if they download the Trip Plans app before viewing their web itinerary. An invite code is not needed to view their itinerary. This option is displayed only to support older itineraries that had an invite code as an option to access the itinerary. 

6. Bookmark this page. Many advisors will share it with their clients.

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