This FAQ will give you step-by-step instructions how to view your itinerary and download the Trip Plans mobile app to your phone. If you have any questions or need assistance be sure to reach out to your travel advisor.

1. View the Web Itinerary on Your Mobile Device

Once your Travel Advisor has shared the itinerary with you, you can open the web itinerary from the email or URL on your mobile device. 

If your Travel Advisor sent an email... 

You may receive an email that looks like the screenshot below. If so you can tap "View In App" and this will open the web itinerary in your web browser.  

If your Travel Advisor sent a URL to the itinerary...

You can just copy and paste the URL in your web browser to view the web itinerary. 

Pro Tip: Opening the web itinerary from a desktop computer.

If you opened the web itinerary on a desktop computer you can send yourself a magic link via email so that you can open the itinerary in your mobile device. 

To do this, simply click "App" at the top and enter your email address. From there, you can open the email that was sent in your mobile device and move to the next step. 

2. Open the Web Itinerary in Your Mobile Device

Now for the fun part! Once you view your web itinerary, tap "View in App". This will automatically open up the app store where you can download the Trip Plans mobile app. 

Once the app finishes downloading you can open the Trip Plans app and your itinerary will automatically populate. 

If you are asked to sign in...
You might be on a group trip that is private so you will need to create an account in order to view your itinerary. You will need to use the same email address that your Travel Advisor used to set you up. If you believe you have created a password previously but it no longer works, you can reset your password here

What if I already have the app downloaded?

Great, you're a step ahead! If the app is already downloaded to your mobile device, you can jump to Step 2 above and open the web itinerary on your mobile device, tap "App" and the itinerary will automatically open in your Trip Plans app. 

If you wish to view your old itineraries, tap on "Trips" in the top left-hand corner and you can create an account to view your previous trips. 

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