If another Travefy user created an itinerary or proposal that you would like to copy into your account account, you can achieve this by having them share the itinerary/proposal with you and allow you to "Copy" it to your itinerary. Here's how: 

1. The Owner of the itinerary or proposal will first need to turn on the Copy option in their trip settings and share the trip with you. 

Click here to see how they do this.

2. Once you receive the trip, you can "Copy" it to your account

You will receive an email from the other Travefy user letting you know that they have added you as a collaborator on the itinerary. Click "Join (Advisor's Name) on Travefy" button to view the trip. 

Make sure that you are logged into your Travefy account to view the trip properly.

3. Click "Save a Copy" at the top of the trip

Once you preview the trip, you will see the option to "Save Copy" and by choosing this option, you will save a copy of the trip to your account that you can then edit and reuse within your account anytime.

Want to leave a trip that you were sent?
Click here to view how to leave a trip.

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