To learn how to edit the name or email address of a traveler please follow the steps that are listed below. 

1. Go into your Contacts list 

2. Select the name of the contact you want to edit

3. Select the option to edit

  • Once you have selected the traveler's name, a side bar will appear on the right with the travelers information. 

  • At the top of this side bar, beside the traveler's name and email address you will want to select the pencil icon. 

  • Select the pencil icon for whichever item you will want to edit.

4. Make the change 

  • Once you have selected the pencil icon you will be able to edit either the traveler's name and or email address and change it to how you would like it to appear . 

  • Once you have typed the name or email address for the contact to appear how you would like, you will want to click on the check mark icon beside the typing bar to save the changes that you have made.

5. Complete edit of name

  • When you have saved the edits to the name or email address, the changes will be displayed within the traveler's information and within the Contact List. 

Questions? Contact Travefy Customer Support with the chat inside your account or email

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