Does the email for a traveler you have on a trip show up incorrectly? You may see this because you might have multiple email addresses listed as a contact for this traveler.  The traveler's Contact information may look like this with multiple email addresses listed: 

The very first email listed will be the Primary Email and will be used when you add the Contact to a trip. All other emails are considered Secondary and you will only see the Primary email displayed. 

If the traveler wishes to use a different email than their primary email address listed, you can simply update their Contact in your account to update this. Here's how:

1. Go to Your Contacts and Find the Traveler You Need to Update

Once in their Contact information, go ahead and delete the primary email address by pressing on the red dot icon (this will remove their email address completely). Delete all emails needed until you have none left and add their new primary address. 

For example, let's say that I want Suzy Q's primary email address to be "". What I will need to do is just remove the first one like this to update her primary email: 

You can add any emails you previously removed afterwards. All of the email addresses you add will automatically be viewed as a secondary email address. 

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