Once you invite a new Team Member to join your Team, they will receive an email invitation inviting them to join the Team. Until they follow the steps below, their account will remain as "Pending" until they accept their invite to join the team in their new account. See below the steps the new team member will take to accept their invite to join the team:

After you add the Team Member to your team, they will receive an email from Travefy letting them know they were added to a Team. They can then click button displayed in the email that says "Join (Team Admin's Name) on Travefy".

Once they click that option, a new window will open allowing them to set up a password to their new account. Once they finish the password creation process, they will be able to login and finish setting up their account and the "Pending" status will be updated to "Active". 

If your new Team Member has not received an email to accept the invite to join the team, have them check their spam or junk folder in case it landed in there. 

If they still haven't received it, you can simply have them reset their password to create a password and log into the new account. Here's where to reset the password: https://travefy.com/account/passwordreset

Questions? Email our support team at Professional@Travefy.com. 

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