The Import Contacts feature is a great tool to conveniently and efficiently upload all of your contacts into your Travefy account, as well as allow for you to add more information to existing contacts.  

To use the Import feature you will want to follow along with these simple steps; 

1. To get to the Import Contacts, you will first want to go to the contacts tab.
You will then want to select the Import Contacts option under the "New Contact" button. 

2. One you have selected the Import Contacts , a Contacts window will appear.
In this window  there is a sample file option that you can download.
You are also able to drag and drop the file you would like to upload, or click within the blue box to bring up your file explorer.

3. Once you have selected your file, you will be brought to a preview of the contacts you're about to upload.

4. If the contact already exists, but the file that you are importing has information for that contact that does not exist in Travefy, the contact will be updated to include the information from the file. The Contact and the file being imported will need to contain the matching email to the Contact in Travefy. 

5. You cannot add contacts with the same email address, and the import will highlight that in the preview.
Be advised that the preview only shows the first 5 contacts when importing.

6. You will then be able to complete the import by selecting the "Confirm and Import" button and these contacts then will be imported into your Travefy account.


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