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How to Add a Trip to Your Trip Plans Account (FAQ for Travelers)
How to Add a Trip to Your Trip Plans Account (FAQ for Travelers)

How to view multiple trips in the Trip Plans App. This FAQ was made for travelers using the Trip Plans app.

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Here's how to view the trip sent to you by the travel advisor!

1. Open the Trip URL from your Travel Advisor

Your Travel Advisor will share the trip with you via email or a web link. You will want to open this trip URL on your mobile device.

2. Tap App button to open the trip in your Trip Plans app

Tapping the App button at the top will either open the trip in your Trip Plans app or take you to the app store to download the Trip Plans app if you don't have it already.

3. View Trip

Opening the trip in the Trip Plans app will sync the trip to your device, but to save it for offline viewing you will have to click the switch that says Make Available Offline. It will appear near the top of the itinerary!

Note: To take any actions on the trip, such as sending a message to your travel advisor, receive flight updates, etc, you will have to save the trip to your account.

You can do this by clicking on the Save to My Account banner that appears at the top of the itinerary, shown below.

If you have not created an account, you will be asked to create an account to add your trip to it. Use the same email address that the trip invite was sent to. The password will need to be 10 characters in length, and contain a capital letter, a lowercase letter, one number, and a special character. Once you create an account, the trip you are viewing will be saved to your account!

Once you have added the trip to your account you will be able to see all of your trips!

You can also check out for more helpful tips.

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