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Daily Active Clients (DACs)
Daily Active Clients (DACs)
Learn more about Daily Active Clients (DACs)
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Daily Active Clients Definition

Daily Active Clients are defined as the number of unique users by device who actively interact with you through Travefy each day by product-type

These interactions include, but are not limited to each user who interacts with a proposal, itinerary, or form.

  • A device is defined as a unique web-browser or mobile app.

  • Product-Types include, viewing a client itinerary or proposal, viewing a marketing itinerary, or viewing a shared form.

  • Note that views of your Travefy Marketing Profile do not count as a DAC.

DAC Limits

  • Daily Active Client limits within Travefy are per month and are the sum of Daily Active Clients across a user’s monthly billing period. 

  • Standard Travefy usage limits are 300 Daily Active Clients per seat per month. 

  • If a part of a team, DAC limits are aggregated among the team. For example if you have a team of 2 seats, the entire team has a usage limit of 600 DACs per month regardless of the breakdown among seats.

  • If an account exceeds their DAC limit, they must purchase an additional monthly plan with increased DAC limits. If on a team, this additional purchase would apply to the team's aggregated limits.

  • Increased DAC limit plans can be found below. If paid annually, a 20% discount applies.

Monthly Cost

Additional Monthly DACs







If larger plans are required, please contact us at

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