When looking to create a form, you will see the option to add a Smart Field question.

A Smart Field is a form question type that the users can send to a contact.

When the contact completes the form, their contact details will automatically be updated in their contact profile.

The Smart Field will also overwrite the existing contact details, or add them if they do not exist.

Also, If a user has a primary and a secondary email entered for a client, if the client responds to the form with their secondary email, the secondary email will then become the primary email in their Contact profile.

To show how to add a Smart Field to a Form, you will want to complete the following steps.

1. You will want to go to your Library and click on the New Library Item. You will then want to select the Form option from the drop down.

2. Once in the new form, you will want to select the Smart Field question options.

You will see that you have the option of selecting from several Smart Field questions which include; Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Phone, & Contact Address

These questions will automatically pull from the client's Contact profile in the Contact library.

3. Once a Smart Field questions has been added to a Form and shared with a client, when the client views the Smart Field questions on the form they should be able to see the pre-populated answers.

Clients are able make changes to the pre-populated responses and these will update their contact information in their Contact profile once they have submitted their Form.

4. Once the client has submitted their Form, you will be able to view the Smart Field responses in their Client Profile.

If there are any discrepancies between their current contact information and their responses you will be able to see this in their Contact profile.

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