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What is the "Usage" tab in the "Account & Settings"?
What is the "Usage" tab in the "Account & Settings"?
Learn more about the Usage tab and Daily Active Clients
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In the "Account & Settings" section of your Travefy account, there is a tab called "Usage" that allows you track your Daily Active Clients (DAC) and any applicable limits. Learn more about DAC limits here.

On this tab, you will be able to view:

  • your total number of DACs over several time periods

  • which features account for your DACs, and

  • any applicable limits

Please see below for a further breakdown:

Graph of Daily Active Clients

The graph on the Usage tab show your total Daily Active Clients over the selected period.

You are able to select the period of time in which you would like to view your Daily Active Clients via the drop down menu.

Limits Tracking

If your account has limits, you are also able to view your monthly Daily Active Accounts as compared to your limits. You can do so in two ways:

First, on your graph - if looking at the Last 6 Months or Last 12 Months - you are able to see a red line indicating your limit as compared to your actual total DACs.

Second, below the chart, you can find a progress bar tracking your DAC usage versus your limit.

Breakdown of DACs by Source

Lastly, below the progress bar, you can find a breakdown of DACs by source.

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