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How to Use Elements in Travefy's Website Builder
How to Use Elements in Travefy's Website Builder

Learn more about how to use Elements to create and customize your own website in Travefy.

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When building your Website in your Travefy account, you have the ability to customize by adding in different Elements.

Whenever you are ready to start adding in different elements to your website, you will want to first go into your website builder page.

Once you are in your Website builder, you will be able to start customizing your website by adding in different elements.

You will simply want to click on the New Element button.

This will give you a variety of elements to choose from to begin creating your website.

This elements include;

Whenever you are ready to add in a new element, you will be able to click or drag an element below to add it to your website.

If you would need to remove any of the elements from the builder, you can will want to select the three dots "..." button on the edit panel, and then select on the Delete button.

All of these elements can be added into your website builder in any order that you would like to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing website all you own.

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