The Import From Travefy button in your Website builder will allow you to import itineraries, proposals, library items, or forms from your Travefy account into your Website. so that you will be able to showcase your trips to current and future clients.

To learn more about where to locate this button and how to use it keep reading this article!

In the Website builder of your Travefy account, if you are trying to add a Card element to your website, you may have seen the Import From Travefy button.

First, to get to this button, you would need to click on the edit icon on one of the Trip Title fields.

Once you have clicked on the edit icon, you will want to scroll to the bottom of that field and you will see the Import From Travefy button.

You can just click on the button and then you will be able to search from your Trip Library and pull in a trip that you would like to showcase on your website.

You can search for a trip by either scrolling through the Trips in your library or by typing in the title of the trip.

Once you have found the trip that you would like to use, you are able to either drag and drop or use the "+" symbol on the right side of the trip to add the trip into the Card for your website.

Once you have selected that trip by either dragging & dropping or using the "+" symbol, the link to that trip will populate in that Card so that when a viewer clicks on the card from the website, they will be directed to view that trip.

The cover photo from the Trip will also be automatically set as the image displayed on the card.

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