In this article you will be able to see how to add different types of Buttons and Links to different elements in your website builder.

A Button - Would appear as an item that can be clicked on and then direct the viewer of your website to the connected page, address, or other source of information.

A Link - Would appear as text that a viewer would be able to click on in order to view whatever page, address, or other source of information the link was connected to.

To learn about more about what the different types of Button and Links that you can add, follow the steps in this FAQ article.

To add a button, you will want to go to the element in your Website that you would like to add a Button to.

If there is an +Add Button option, you will want to click on this. (On some pages you will have the option to select the Link Option as well) .

Once you have clicked the + Add Button option you will then need to pick what you want your Button or Link to connect or direct to.

  • Page Section

  • External Link

  • Email Address

You will also be able to edit the text on both Button and Link items for how they will appear on the element.

This will allow for you to customize your site down to the details and will ensure that your viewers will be directed to all of the site's important information.

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