See below for a snapshot of some of our high-level product enhancements and releases each month.

August 2021

  • Pleasant Holidays, Journese, and Wetu Integration

  • Disney Cruise Line Integration

  • Flights events now have a field for "Seat / Ticket Details", Lodging events now have a field for "Room / Bed Type"

  • Increased the number of loaded images from Pixabay on the image selector from 24 to 192 (if there were that many search results).

  • Changed the terminology in the trip sittings from Published/Unpublished to Visible/Hidden to create more consistency

  • Bugfix: Large cruises (100+ Day Cruises) should no longer fail to import

  • Bugfix: Fixing the agent's website URL in their email signature on trip invites

July 2021

  • Improved Pixabay cover photo image quality

  • There should no longer be an empty day at the beginning of the trip when there is an info & docs section

  • International Dateline updates for flights

  • Custom Fields (in Contacts)

  • Improvements to "Teams" functionality

  • Bugfix for reordering event images in the library

  • Improvements to contact imports

  • Additional text fields now showing up on E-Signature PDFs

June 2021

  • Form Templates

  • Ability to Duplicate Library Items

  • Ability to upload Documents to Contacts

  • Ability to add additional Text fields to Forms E-Signature

  • Style Updates to Website Builder

  • Performance Enhancements for Library and Contacts search functionality

  • Improvements to Contact Import modal

May 2021

  • Electronic Signature update to Forms

  • Form Display Enhancements

  • Optional Description Field for Forms

  • Labels for Contact Library

  • Autocomplete search for Contacts

  • Misc. Display Enhancements

  • Misc. Credit Card Security Enhancements

April 2021

  • Credit Card Authorization Form

  • Credit Card Authorization Form Security Enhancements

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Tables Tool

  • Contact Profile Enhancements

March 2021

  • Security Enhancements

  • Performance Updates

  • Display Enhancements

  • Domain Masking Preview Updates

February 2021

  • Security Enhancements

  • Display Improvements

  • Misc. Internal Updates

January 2021

  • Santorini Website Theme Released

  • Multiple Element Updates

  • Display Functionality Improvements

  • Security Enhancements

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