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Host Agency Services, Pricing and Eligibility
Host Agency Services, Pricing and Eligibility

Learn more about Travefy's services and options for host agencies including eligibility details and pricing.

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Travefy now offers a comprehensive suite of software for accredited host agencies coupled with discounted pricing based on host agency sizes (total number of agents.) Travefy can deliver fully featured Travefy accounts to your entire host agency via volume pricing options.


Travefy's host agency services and pricing requires:

  • Valid Host Agencies: Accredited travel industry host agencies.

  • Purchase for All Agents: Host agencies must purchase seats for all agents/ICs at your host agency.

  • Minimums: Minimum host agency size: 50 agents/users.

  • Annual Agreements and Invoicing: All host agency pricing and host agency contracts are two year agreements and may be paid monthly annually.

Host Agency Pricing

Travefy can offer further discounted rates for host agencies when purchasing monthly annual access to the Host Agency Pricing Program.

Host Agency Pricing

Access Fee

Included Seats*

Additional Seats*





Volume Pricing

Host agencies can also purchase Travefy using Travefy's standard volume-based pricing here.

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