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Guide to Optimal Image Sizing in the Travefy Website Builder
Guide to Optimal Image Sizing in the Travefy Website Builder

A helpful guide on the recommended image dimensions for the Website Builder feature.

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The article will outline the suggested sizing for images to add into the Travefy Website Builder feature.


  • The Website Builder will automatically size/resize the image that you upload to help improve the your website viewer's experience as well as the Website's speed. (You are able to use the cropping tool to adjust the image as needed).

  • The listed dimensions are suggestions. The dimensions may need to be edited based upon the element that the image is added to and the device that is being used to view the uploaded images.

  • The listed dimensions are the minimum sizing option. You again may need to adjust these dimensions depending on your intended goal for how you would like the image to display.

Website Builder Element Dimensions

  • Carousel Element - 1400px X 500px

  • Medium Card Gallery Element - 300px X 300px

  • Large Card Gallery Element- 600px X 400px

  • Right/Left Aside Element: 800px X 800px

  • Image Banner - 1920px X 500px

  • Contact Element Background: 1920px X 800px

  • Hero: 1400px X 500px

  • Logo: at least 600x150px. Horizontal logos work best. Remove any extra empty space/padding above and below the logo in the image file to make the logo appear as large as possible

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