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Why are my Travelers not receiving their Trip Invitations?
Why are my Travelers not receiving their Trip Invitations?

Learn how to make sure that your travelers are able to receive the Trip invitation emails.

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If your traveler is having trouble receiving their trip invitation emails, you may want to check on these following items to help insure that they receive the emails.

Check the Trip Title of the Custom Message

If the Trip Invitation emails are being directed into your travelers spam or junk mail folders, you may want to check the Trip Title or the Custom Message that you have included to the trip invitation email, as this may cause it to not deliver to the main inbox.

Whitelisting or Adding Travefy to the Safe Sender List

Another issue that may be preventing your traveler from being able to view their trip invitation email is their email account's settings.

Depending upon their email account's settings, it can cause the invitation emails to be registered as spam.

In that case, your traveler will want to Whitelist the email address: or add the email: to their Safe Sender list in their account.

This will then hopefully allow for them to receive their trip invitation emails that are coming from that email address.

After trying these options, if your traveler is still experiencing issues receiving their trip invitation emails please reach out to our support team at and we will be happy to help!

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