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How to add E-Signatures to Forms
How to add E-Signatures to Forms

Learn how to add E-Signatures to your Forms in Travefy.

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E-Signatures are a great way to verify and confirm important information and you are now able to do add this element to your Travefy Forms!

To learn how to add E-Signatures to your Travefy Forms you will just want to follow the steps listed below.

1. Open the form

Go to the form you'd like to add an Electronic Signature to. This can be a new form, or an existing one!

2. Check the Electronic Signature box

At the bottom of the form, you'll see a little checkbox you can check underneath Electronic Signature.

Once that box is checked, you will be able to include your own customized Terms & Conditions that would apply to the Electronic Signature!

Once your travelers have completed their form they will be met with the Terms & Conditions you placed on the form!

Clients will also see this notification displayed until they have completed the Electronic Signature They will not be able to submit their Form until they have filled out the Electronic Signature.

Once they have entered their electronic signature, they will then be able to click the Submit Responses button and complete the Form.

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