Travefy offers Form Templates to provide an outline and a getting started point for our users to help with getting started with creating Forms!

To see where you can find the Form Templates in your Travefy account you can follow the steps listed below!

To view and start using Forms Templates you will want to first go to your Event Library in your Travefy Account.

Once you are in your Event Library you will then want to click on the + New Library Item button and then select the Form option.

Once you have selected the Form event you will then see the Edit Form page and should be able to see the option to select the Create from template option.

You will then be able to see the different template options that you can choose to start creating Forms with. These templates include;

  • New Trip Inquiry

  • Insurance Waiver

  • Credit Card Authorization

You are able to select any of these Form templates and then use them to help start the process of creating your own customizable Forms that you will be able to send with your clients & travelers!

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