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What is SEO and what factors influence SEO in the website builder?
What is SEO and what factors influence SEO in the website builder?
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SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines will index and serve up your website to users when they make relevant searches while using search engines (like Google).

In this article, we'll look at ways you can configure various elements of your website to comply with best practices suggested by Google and other search engines.

The Title (Additional Info: Google Search Central)

When creating a title for your Travefy website or any unique webpage, try to be descriptive and concise. A common way to format the title of a homepage or single-page website like you might build in Travefy looks like this.

Brand | Description

Example: Travel By Matt | The Best Food Tours In Nebraska

You can access the Page Title field by clicking "Settings" toward the top-left of your screen in the website builder and navigating to the "Site" tab.

Create Good Meta Descriptions (Additional Info: Google Search Central)

As Google states, a good description "generally informs and interests users with a short, relevant summary of what a particular page is about. They are like a pitch that convinces the user that the page is exactly what they're looking for. There's no limit on how long a meta description can be, but the search result snippets are truncated as needed, typically to fit the device width."

One of the lingering misconceptions in the SEO world is that meta descriptions are used as a direct ranking factor. Back in 2009, Google stated this is no longer the case. Not all search engines are as transparent in their guidance but seeing how easy it would be to abuse the keyword-stuffing tactics of yesteryear, it's pretty safe to assume other search engines are following suit.

To edit and preview your site's description, head to "Settings" and then "SEO & Social".

General Content (Read More: User Experience Signals)

One of the most important factors influencing your site's search engine rank is the content itself. When someone enters a phrase into the search bar of Google or another search engine, that search engine will attempt to deliver results that they think are the most relevant and useful to that person.

By delivering content that's useful and interesting to potential clients, you give yourself the best shot of people interacting with your website favorably. If all goes well, the people visiting your site will be happy and search engines will serve up your website more often when people make searches relevant to your business.

Some general guidelines to creating a good website.

  • Describe your core competencies as a travel professional. What do you offer and why should a prospective client go with you?

  • Showcase sample itineraries to give potential clients an idea of what their trip could look like.

  • Provide contact info.

  • Think about the type of client you're hoping to attract. If you were them, what information would convince you that you had found the right person to create an unforgettable vacation for you?

  • Some more recommendations straight from Google

Other Factors

There are quite a few other factors not discussed in this article. Things like whether or not your website is mobile-friendly, your site's SSL certificate, avoiding intrusive interstitials, and a long list of other technical variables. These can all influence people's experience with your site and your site's ability to rank well and get indexed. Thankfully, if you're using Travefy's website builder, you won't have to worry about any of those things! Leave that part to us.

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