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How can I chat with my clients using Travefy?
How can I chat with my clients using Travefy?

Learn how to chat with your clients.

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There are a few ways you and your clients can chat using Travefy and Trip Plans.

Advisor Option 1: Trip Builder

Inside the trip builder, you're able to access the discussion panel here, on the right-hand side of your library.

Advisor Option 2: The Trip Sidebar

Open the Trip Sidebar by clicking on the trip, and then click on the Chat tab.

Advisor + Client Option: Web Link - Itinerary

If you're viewing an itinerary with a web link such as, there will be a chat icon off to the right of your screen.

App Options: Travefy Pro (for the advisor) and Trip Plans (for the traveler)

What about turning the messaging feature off?

To do that, you can follow the instructions here.

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