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Deleting Items From Your Library
Deleting Items From Your Library

How to delete items from your Travefy Library

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If you have some items you'd like to delete from your library, just follow the steps below! We'll cover deleting a single item, and deleting in bulk!

Deleting One by One

1. Go to the Library item

Click on the library item you want to delete.

2. Click on the More button(ellipsis)

This will be on the top right corner!

3. Click Delete

A small drop-down menu will appear with two options:

  • Copy

  • Delete

Click on Delete!

Deleting In Bulk

1. Go to your Library

2. Click Edit

3. Select Library items

Clicking Edit will allow you to check items in your library. Just check the boxes of items you want to delete!

4. Click the little red trash can

Click on the little red trash can next to Apply Labels!

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