June 2022


  • Updating Form Previews to have the option of mobile views. This also updates the styling on website previews.


  • Added option to support a user's default timezone

  • Improvements related to copying a multi-event

May 2022


  • Added the ability for users to unsubscribe from digest emails for a trip

  • Mobile flight update enhancements

  • Misc. other improvements

April 2022


  • For Library Sharing, added a button for sharing content on Facebook


  • Bug fixes for:

    • Importing Project Expedition tours

    • Flight Updates

    • CSV contact imports not working

  • Search improvements when editing library items or labels in bulk

  • Terms of Service links on domain masked trips

  • Various backend and security improvements

March 2022


  • Deployed library sharing and bulk editing capabilities, enabling users to:

    • Share library items (such as forms, events, multi-events, and ideas) with other Travefy users

    • Bulk add / edit library labels

  • Bulk editing capabilities when using Travefy‚Äôs proposal & itinerary builder. With this update, users can edit multiple events at a time and perform bulk editing actions such as:

    • Saving items to their library

    • Saving items to their library as a multi-event

    • Duplicating items

    • Tagging people

    • Deleting items


  • Added additional information to help explain the CC authorization deadline

  • Bug fixes for:

    • Not being able to change a cover photo on some imported trips

    • Uploading multiple images in the builder (in Safari)

  • Various backend updates & improvements

February 2022

  • Electronic Signature text on forms now shows when in the Form Preview (in addition to displaying on the client view)

January 2022

  • Search improvements for search errors/misspellings

  • Various backend updates & improvements

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