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SEO: Submit Your Website For Indexing
SEO: Submit Your Website For Indexing
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After you've completed the domain masking set up for you site, you may notice your site hasn't been indexed on various search engines.

You can request that they be indexed manually by setting up Google Search Console for the domain you own. Bing also has a tool like this where you can request indexing with them.

1. Go to Google

Go to the Search Console to get started.

2. Start the verification process

Follow the instructions provided.

3. Connect your domain hosting service with Google

4. Verify ownership.

If you've just completed the domain masking set up you may need to wait a day until everything gets set up configured properly.

5. Type in your URL

Now that you've verified ownership, type the URL you want to see indexed in the "inspect URL" field seen below. You can do this for more than one page, not just your homepage.

If the page isn't indexed yet, you'll get a screen that looks like this.

6. Click Request Indexing

Check back the next day to see if the webpage you submitted is indexed.

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