You are able to apply label(s) to your library items using the bulk library editing tool. To do this, simply click on the Edit button in your library.

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Next, select the library items that you would like to apply / edit labels to. To select multiple library items, you can do this by either selecting each item individually or with a shift-click (shift + click on two different items and the in-between items will be selected) .

To select all items in your library, click the checkbox next to the delete button. To deselect all items, simply check that box again.

Clicking on the “Apply Labels” will then open a menu with your existing library labels. Any labels that are already applied to the items you selected will have a dash in the checkbox.

To search for an existing label or create a new one, simply type the label name in the search bar. If applying existing labels, click on the labels you would like to apply then click “Apply”.

If creating a new label, type the name of the label you would like to add then click “Create”.

To remove a label from selected items while using bulk editing, simply check the box next to the label you would like to remove to remove the dash or checkmark. Once the check box is empty, click Apply and the labels will be removed.

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