Show off your Travefy Certification completion! You can easily add your certification to your Linkedin account and the steps below will show you how:

1. Click the Me icon with your photo at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then View Profile.

2. Next, click "Add Profile Section" in the introduction section.

3. Click the "Recommended" dropdown, then "Add licenses and certifications".

4. Add your Travefy Certification information.

Start by typing in the name (i.e Travefy Certification, Advanced Travefy Certification, CLIA Travefy Certification). Under Issuing Organization, type in Travefy and select it once it appears in the dropdown menu.

Check the box "This credential does not expire", select the issue date when you received the certification and then click the save!

Don't forget to repeat this step for each certification program that you've completed!

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