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How to Add your Travefy Certification Badge to Your Email Signature
How to Add your Travefy Certification Badge to Your Email Signature

How to add a Travefy Certification badge to your email signature.

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In this tutorial, we will walk through how to add your Travefy Certification badge to a Gmail email signature. If you use Outlook/Office 355, click here for a tutorial.

1. Once in your Gmail account, go into the settings by clicking on the settings dial in the top right-hand corner and choose "See all settings".

2. When under "General" in your settings, scroll down to where it says "Signature"

If you don't have an email signature created, go ahead and click "+ Create new" button to begin a new signature.

3. Once able to edit your signature, choose the placement of your graphic for Travefy Certification.

You will receive your Travefy Certification badge kit in an email after your complete your certification. When you download and view your kit, there will be a graphic called "Travefy-Certification-Badge-Email-Signature", this is the graphic you will want to use.

4. Go ahead and click the image option to upload your badge graphic.

5. Upload your badge to your signature, save it, and you're all set!

If you would like to change the sizing, you can click on the image once uploaded to your email signature and adjust it to small, medium, large, and original size.

Watch this video to see how:

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