Travefy offers an integration with Booking Vault to allow Travefy users to import bookings, reservations and itineraries from their Booking Vault account into a Travefy itinerary.

To use the Booking Vault integration, you will need to authorize the Booking Vault integration to access your Travefy account. Here's how to do that:

Connecting Your Travefy Account with Booking Vault

  1. Ensure you are signed into your Travefy account.

  2. Go to your Booking Vault account and go to your preferences page.

  3. Under Itinerary Management Tool, select "Travefy" and paste in your Travefy login email address in the appropriate field for your Travefy settings. (Important: the email address you list in Booking Vault for Travefy must be the same email address as your login email address.

  4. Click "Connect"

  5. You will now be redirect to Travefy to authorize the connection. If the "Connect" button doesn't work, click here.

  6. Click "Confirm Authorization" to connect your Travefy account with the Booking Vault integration.

Your account is now connected with the Booking Vault integration. You can return to your Booking Vault account to export itineraries to Travefy.

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