In Travefy, there is a way to transfer trips and library items from one account to another.

Here are the steps to do that for trips you want to transfer. If this is a trip you want to copy from another user, they will want to do this part.

#1: In your current account where the trip you want to transfer exists, select the trip on your "Trips" page and click edit

#2: Once you're inside the trip builder, click "Settings".

#3: Toggle the option that says "Save a Copy".

#4: To copy this trip, you will need the link to the itinerary/proposal. To grab that link you (or the agent that is sending you this trip) can click "preview".

#5: When viewing the itinerary/proposal, you will now see an option to "Save a Copy". Click that while logged in to the account you want to transfer the trip to. If you're transferring a trip between an old account and a new account, a useful tip is to save each trip link in a word document so you can have them all in one place (or you bookmark the links in your browser).

To copy library items from one account to another, follow these steps:

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